Thank you for contacting Bunker Labs. We take fraud and ethical violations very seriously.
Please include as much detail as possible to enable a thorough investigation of the matter.

Full Name*

*You are not required to provide your name and may retain anonymity.  If you choose to provide your name, it will remain confidential whenever possible.  Providing your name may facilitate the investigation of the misconduct.  Anyone filing an anonymous report will not be updated as to the progress of the investigation, but do understand that investigations are taken seriously and will be addressed.
What act occurred and how do you believe it was fraudulent, illegal, or inappropriate?  If applicable - please describe the nature of any injury or damage sustained.

When and where did the misconduct occur?
(Please indicate if the actions were committed over a period of time)

What do you believe enabled the act(s) to occur?  E.g.: a lack of controls, circumvention of controls, or collusion with other individuals?  Are you aware of any motives for the misconduct?

Does the misconduct involve the participation of people external to the Organization?

Are there any witnesses that can confirm the misconduct?

Evidence: Please attach a copy or original of any supporting documents or other evidence in your possession, if any.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OBTAIN more evidence. You are a reporting party and not an investigator of the misconduct.

Thank you for your report. Complaints and their investigation will be kept confidential to the extent possible, consistent with the need to conduct an adequate investigation, to comply with all applicable laws, and to cooperate with law enforcement authorities
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